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Lesson 22 - Motivational Speaking

If you hope to be a great speaker in the future, you will have to learn to motivate people. If you can motivate people to do things, you will have much more success in your work and career. With a highly motived team of skilled workers, you can do all kinds of great things.

Here are five simple strategies to motivate your listeners, from the Toastmasters International website:

Motivation Tip 1: Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious! Before you present your ideas, think about the aspects of the subject that you find most interesting, and donít be afraid to let that interest come through in your voice.

Motivation Tip 1: Use quotes, stories and anecdotes. Along with their obvious entertainment value, quotes and stories can lend authority to your topic and provide concrete examples that people can relate to.

Motivation Tip 1: Speak with confidence. Deliver your message loud and clear. Maintain eye contact with your listeners. Donít mumble or slouch.

Motivation Tip 1: Say you and we, not I and me. Instead of telling people what you want them to do, present ways for them to work together to achieve their goals. Involve listeners in the success of the group.

Motivation Tip 1: Keep it simple. People arenít motivated by what you say; theyíre motivated by what they understand. The best way to ensure audience understanding is to break down complex ideas into simple components."

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