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English Grammar Pattern 91
(1) Sentence + (2) Unless + (3) Condition

Model Sentences

(1) We will not change (2) unless (3) you have a good idea.


(2) Unless (3) you have a good idea, (1) we will not change.

Grammar Pattern 91, shows how to use "Unless", whose basic meaning is similar to "only if". The word "unless" can serve as a connector, as in Model Sentence 1, or it can come at the beginning, as in Model Sentence 2. "Unless" must go directly with the condition. If the condition and "unless" are separated, it sounds quite strange. For example, we could not change the example to "Unless we will not change, you do not have a good idea".

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. We can't do it unless you pay us more.
2. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will go for sure.
3. I will be there unless you decide to do it yourself.
4. Unless I get sick, I will be there next Friday.
5. They said they will finish unless you want to add something.
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. Unless there's an emergency, when will you get up tomorrow morning?
2. Where will you go tomorrow, unless something unexpected happens?
3. What could happen to a young student, unless he or she studies well?
4. How can a company succeed unless they work well and work efficiently.
5. Unless you finish these lessons, can you be sure to speak English correctly?

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