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English Grammar Pattern 85
Past Conditions using "Would"

Model Sentences

A. They (1) would have (2) come here (3) if they (4) had had enough time.

B. (1) If they (2) had had enough time, they (3) would have (4) come here.

Grammar Pattern 85 is similar to Grammar Pattern 83. Grammar Pattern 83 uses "could have" which is similar to "can" and shows possibility in the past. Grammar Pattern 85 uses "would have" which expresses the idea of a possible decision in the past.

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. My hometown would have grown fast if the leaders had been more active.
2. If I had known it was going to get colder in the afternoon, I would have taken a sweater with me.
3. We wouldn't have tried to do it if you had told us how dangerous it was!
4. If you had told me you were going to the supermarket, I would have asked you to buy me some fruit.
5. The old teacher would have cancelled the test if he had known how much the students were worried!
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. Would you have studied English so hard if you had known how long it would take?
2. If you had studied English even harder, would you have already succeeded by now?
3. What would you have done differently if you had known how challenging English was?
4. How would you have studied differently if you had understood how to study effectively?
5. Where would you have travelled ten years ago if you had had more time?

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