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English Grammar Pattern 77
(1) Basic Sentence + (2) "Might have been"

Model Sentence
(1) I'm still waiting for the bus (2) it might have had an accident.

English Grammar Pattern 77 is used to express a possible reason or the cause of some situation. In this pattern, be sure to use a past participle after "might have".

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. My neighbor didn't come today - he might have been too busy.
2. My telephone stopped working the battery might have died.
3. If your stomach is hurting, it might have been because of the spicy food you had for lunch.
4. I wonder why your friend is not here - she might have had other things to do.
5. They didn't want to come to the museum with us - they might have been there before.
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. you came home to find your TV gone, what might have happened to it?
2. What if you suddenly saw a spaceship where might it have come from?
3. If somebody had a car accident, what might have caused it?
4. What if your boss suddenly left the company this morning what might have been the reason?
5. What might you have said if your boss had told you last week that you were the new company president?

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