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English Grammar Pattern 75
If + Sentence + Might be + Long Noun

Model Sentence
(1) If (2) you feel sick, it (3) might be (4) a good idea to see a doctor.

English Grammar Pattern 75 is similar to Grammar Pattern 74 and is also useful for expressing possibilities. The difference is that Grammar Pattern 74 expresses possible results while this one suggests possible actions that you can (and maybe should) take. Study the sample sentences below to fully understand the way Pattern 75 is used.

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. If tomorrow is sunny, it might be a good time to wash the car.
2. If they are in a hurry, it might be a good idea to take a taxi.
3. If she wants to lose weight, it might be worth it to start exercising more.
4. If your parents come, it might be a great chance to take them out to dinner.
5. If you are hungry, it might be a good time to cook something.
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. If you want to play tennis well, might it be a good idea to take lessons?
2. If you have a good job, might it be a good time to save money?
3. If you have a pain in your stomache, what might it be worth doing?
4. If you get a phone call from a customer, what might you do?
5. If your friend has trouble, what might it be a good idea for him to do?

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