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English Grammar Pattern 66
Using "Wish" with unreal possibilities

Model Sentence
I wish I could play the piano well enough to perform on stage!

This sentence pattern uses "Wish" with UNreal possibilities. Use this pattern when you are just dreaming! It is different from Grammar Pattern 65 which uses "Hope" with realistic possibilities. Use this pattern with "Wish" when you do not believe something will really happen or if it cannot realistically happen.

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. I wish I could find a million dollars in the street! (But I won't!)
2. He wishes he could be promoted to company president tomorrow. (But he won't!)
3. They wish their boss would take a vacation and never come back! (But he won't!)
4. They wish they could go to the movies more often. (But they can't.)
5. She wishes she could speak English well enough to get a better job. (But she can't. Not yet!)
Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!
1. What do you wish you could have on the job? (But you can't have now.)
2. What do you wish you could do for fun? (But you can't do yet.)
3. How much money do you wish you could have? (But you can't have now.)
4. How many husbands (or wives) do you wish you could have? (But you can't!)
5. Where do you wish you could travel to this weekend? (But you can't.)

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