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English Grammar Pattern 51
Sentence + "but" + Reason

Model Sentence
We stopped by your home last night but you may have already gone to bed.

Sentence Pattern 51 is a very long pattern but it is simply made by combining two sentences together. In the Model Sentence above, the first sentence is "We stopped by your home last night". At the end, a reason or explanation is given by using another sentence - "you may have already gone to bed".

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. I called you yesterday at two o'clock but maybe you were working then. (so I couldn't talk to you)
2. He saw her before the meeting in a coffee shop studying English. (so she didn't come to the meeting)
3. They saw us sitting in the classroom because our class was having a test. (so they couldn't talk to us outside of class)

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. Can a person stay home from work because she is sick?
2. Will some people try to buy a new home after getting a better job?
3. Do singers ever lose their voice after singing many songs?
4. Why might you try to work late when you have a new boss?
5. Is it possible for a young man to work less when he has a new girlfriend?

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