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English Grammar Pattern 43
Long Nouns with Question Words

Model Sentence
"Whoever smiles first is the loser!" OR "The loser is whoever smiles first!"

Although this grammar pattern is similar to English Sentence Pattern 18 it is much more challenging. We make the longer noun in this pattern using "question words" for example, the Model Sentences above use "whoever smiles first" either at the beginning or the end of the sentence. When you get used to this sentence pattern, it will seem quite easy, so keep trying!

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. Whoever finishes first is the winner. (The winner is whoever finishes first.)
2. Whenever we arrive we'll have a party. (We'll have a party whenever we arrive.)
3. Whichever bus comes first, we'll take. (We'll take whichever bus comes first.)
4. Wherever we go, it will be fun. (It will be fun wherever we go.)
5. Whatever you do, we will support you. (We will support you whatever you do.)

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. Who will win a basketball match? (Whoever scores the most points...)
2. Where can we find good Chinese food in Beijing? (Wherever you go...)
3. When do you like eating pizza? (Whenever I'm hungry!)
4. What kind of movies do you watch? (Whatever is playing at the cinema...)
5. Which kind of computer do you want to buy? (Whichever is cheaper...)

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