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Grammar Pattern 17
Noun + Verb + Noun

Model Sentence
My sister enjoys tennis

This is another very basic pattern. You should try to say it as easily as your own name! Be careful to add an "s" after most verbs if the first noun is "he" or "she". We say "I enjoy" but "She enjoys". Got it?

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. I want coffee.
2. He enjoys steak.
3. She loves money.
4. They finished work.
5. My sister went to New York.

Conversation Practice - Practice these questions with your friends. Be sure to answer with the Noun + Verb + Noun pattern!

1. Do you enjoy coffee?
2. Do you enjoy tea?
3. Does your mother love cars?
4. Does your father like art?
5. Did you finish your work?
6. Where did you go yesterday?

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