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Grammar Pattern 11
Simple Sentences with "Be" (am / is / are)

Model Sentence
We are not from this city

This pattern is a very easy but important pattern. Be sure to say these perfectly! Especially be careful of the different forms - "I am", "We are", "They are", "He is" or "She is". You have to say these correctly every time or people will be confused.

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each sentence out loud!

1. I am from New York.
2. He is a teacher.
3. She is my friend.
4. We are married.
5. They are not married.
6. You are a good student.

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. What is your name? (My name is ...)
2. Where are you from? (I am from ...)
3. What is your job? (I am a ...)
4. Are you married? (Yes I am. / No I'm not.)
5. Is your friend a good student? (Yes she is. / No she isn't, she's a ...)
6. Are your parents teachers? (Yes they are. / No, they are ...)

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