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Grammar Pattern 8: Conditional Questions
(These questions use "would" and "could" but they are NOT polite questions! Instead, they are questions about "possibilities". These questions are VERY good for starting interesting conversations.)

Model Sentence
Would you like to travel to the moon some day

Pronunciation Practice - Repeat each question out loud!

1. Would you like to visit London? (Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn't.)
2. Could you take a train to work next week? (Yes, we could. / No, we couldn't.)
3. Should we study this for the test? (Yes, you should. / No, you shouldn't.)
4. Would you have studied harder as a student? [If you had another chance.] (Yes, I would have. / No, I wouldn't have.)
5. Could you have found a better way? (Yes, I could have. / No, I couldn't have.
6. Should you have asked for help before the test? (Yes, we should have. / No, we shouldn't have.)

Conversation Practice - Ask these questions to your friends!

1. Would you like to travel in space?
2. Would you like to visit the moon?
3. Could a lion beat an alligator in a fight?
4. Could a time machine be built in the future?
5. Should we spend more time at work or with our families?
6. Should we give money to poor people on the streets?

Discussion Give longer answers to these questions.

1. Would you enjoy flying an airplane by yourself?
2. Could we have a cheap electric car in the future?
3. Should cloning (making a "copy" of people!) be allowed in the future?
4. What should people do to make our world cleaner?
5. How could we make a million dollars in a short time?
6. Where should we put all of the world's garbage?

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