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English Conversation Topic 60
Talking about love and marriage in English

Conversation Starters
This is probably the most popular topic to talk about, so take your time. Start with the questions below and then ask follow-up questions for great English conversations.
1. Do you believe in "love at first sight"?

2. At what age do people usually get married in your country?

3. At what age do you plan to get married? (Or at what age did you get married?)

4. Do you want a spouse (husband or wife) who is exactly the same age as you, or a bit younger or older? Why?

5. What qualities are important in a spouse?

6. Do you think it's possible to find love on the Internet?

7. What kind of wedding do you want? (Describe it in detail.)

8. Would you consider marrying someone from another country? What about someone with a different religion?

9. Do you know anyone who has gotten divorced? Do you know why they got divorced?

Discussion Questions
Here are more challenging English questions about the difficulties of love and marriage. Try to keep the conversation going. If you don't have a conversation partner, think of your own answers using complete English sentences.
1. In your opinion, how long should a couple know each other before they get married?

2. In your opinion, is it helpful for a couple to live together before they get married?

3. Can you give any advice on how to get along with your in-laws? (Your spouse's parents.)

4. What are some reasons that divorce has increased over the years? (Try to think of several reasons.)

5. Do you think marriage changes people? In what ways?

6. What do you think of men who have more than one wife?

7. Should women be allowed to have more than one husband?

8. If you had to marry either a poor man you really loved, or a rich man you did not love, which would you choose?

9. If you had to live with someone who truly loves you but who you don't love, or to love someone who doesn't love you, which would you choose?

10. Would you marry someone ten years older than you? How about ten years younger than you?

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