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English Conversation Topic 58
Talking about languages in English

Conversation Starters
As a language learner, this topic will be very interesting! Talk about languages in English using the questions below to get started.
1. How many languages are spoken in your country?

2. Are there some parts of your country where people speak a language different from the main language?

3. How many languages can you speak well?

4. Are there any words in your language that come from other languages?

5. What languages do people speak in the following countries: Mexico, Australia, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland?

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer conversations about languages and language learning using the open-ended questions below. If you do not have a conversation partner, think of your own answers in English, using complete sentences.
1. Do you know anyone who is very good at learning languages? Why do you think he or she is good at it?

2. What are the reasons that English is the "international language" today?

3. What were some international languages in the past?

4. Do you think another language will replace English as the international language in the future? Why or why not?

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