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English Conversation Topic 53
Talking about happiness in English

Conversation Starters
Here's a happy topic to talk about happiness! Start your English conversation with the basic questions below. You can ask follow-up questions if they fit your partner's answer. If you don't have a conversation partner, think about how you would answer each question with complete English sentences.
1. Generally speaking, are you a happy person?

2. What things or events make you happiest?

3. Who is the happiest person you know? Do you know why they're so happy?

4. Were you happier as a child than as an adult? Why or why not?

5. Do you think we can control our own happiness?

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer conversations about being happiness using the open-ended questions below. If you do not have a conversation partner, think of your own answers in English, using complete sentences.
1. Why are some people unhappy? (Try to think of various reasons.)

2. Do you think that happiness is within us or does happiness depend more on other people and external conditions?

3. People say that money can't buy happiness. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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