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English Conversation Topic 52
Talking about bad habits in English

Conversation Starters
We all have habits, good or bad. Think about your own habits and the habits of people you know, then use the following questions to start an English conversation on the topic of habits.
1. Do you have any bad habits?

2. Do you know anyone who bites his or her nails?

3. Do you know anyone who has a very annoying habit? What is it?

4. What are some good habits to have?

5. Do you have healthy eating habits? Explain.

6. Do you have good study habits? Give examples.

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer conversations about being bad habits using the open-ended questions below. If you do not have a conversation partner, think of your own answers in English, using complete sentences.
1. Is there anyone whose work or study habits you admire? Why?

2. How can people break bad habits? Try to give very practical (useful) advice.

3. How do we learn our habits? Can we help children develop better habits?

4. Describe a very unusual habit you have observed in someone? How did they develop such a strange habit?

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