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English Conversation Topic 51
Talking about good manners in English

Conversation Starters
Good manners help people live together without conflict. Start interesting English conversations about manners and being polite, starting with the basic questions below.
1. What are some examples of good manners?

2. What are some examples of bad manners?

3. What are good table manners in your country?

4. What are some good manners related to using a cell phone?

5. What should you say after you sneeze? Or if you bump into somebody? Or if you are late?

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer conversations about being polite using the open-ended questions below. If you do not have a conversation partner, think of your own answers in English, using complete sentences.
1. Can you think of good manners that might be bad in another country?

2. Do you think manners are different for city people and country people? If so, explain how.

3. Do you think people need better manners when they drive? Why or why not?

4. In your opinion, do people have better manners now than they did 50 years ago? What about 100 or 200 years ago?

5. How can we successfully teach good manners to our children?

6. What advice about manners would you give to a foreigner visiting your country?

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