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English Conversation Topic 49
Talking about globalization in English

Conversation Starters
Some people say the world is becoming a kind of "global village". Talk about this idea of globalization in English, starting with the questions below.
1. What products do you use that were not made in your country?

2. What movies, songs or books do you enjoy that were not produced in your country?

3. Can you think of other ways that globalization has affected your life?

4. Generally speaking, do you think globalization has improved people's lives?

5. What has your country contributed to globalization?

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer English conversations using these "open-ended" questions about globalization. It's not an easy topic, but do your best! If you do not have a conversation partner, try to think of your own answers using complete sentences.
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

2. What do you think globalization will look like fifty years from now?

3. Do you think globalization will make us all the same in the future? Why or why not?

4. Which countries might like or hate globalization the most?

5. How important is the Internet in influencing globalization?

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