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English Conversation Topic 47
Talking about gestures in English

Conversation Starters
We communicate many things with hand gestures (movements of our hands) and by other "body language". You can have some interesting English conversations about gestures, starting with these questions.
1. In English-speaking countries, what is the gesture for "okay"? How about "good"? Or "bad"?

2. Are there any gestures in your country that are not common around the world?

3. What are some insulting gestures in your country?

4. Are there any special gestures used in the world of sport?

5. Are there any special gestures used among lovers?

6. Are there special gestures for people of different ages? Do young people use different gestures than their parents or grandparents?

Discussion Questions
Now try to have longer English conversations using these "open-ended" questions about gestures. If you do not have a conversation partner, try to think of your own answers using complete sentences.
1. Do you believe we can "read a person like a book" by understanding their "body language"?

2. Some people say that 80% of all of our communication is from "body language". Do you think that's accurate?

3. At what times is "body language" most important? When is it least important?

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