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English Conversation Topic 46
Talking about gardening in English

Conversation Starters
Many people enjoy having their own garden, if they have the space for it. Talk about gardening and having your own garden in English, using these questions to get you started.
1. Does your home have enough space for gardening?

2. Do people in your hometown like to have their own garden?

3. If you don't have space for a garden, would you like to have one?

4. What kind of things do you (or would you) grow in your garden?

5. Would you rather grow flowers or vegetables in your garden? Why?

6. What kind of tools do we need for a garden?

Discussion Questions
Here are questions to help you have longer English conversations. Remember to ask follow-up questions!
1. Do you think it's possible for city people to have a small "garden" on the balcony of their apartments?

2. If the world runs out of food, do you think individual gardens could provide enough food for people to eat?

3. If you had a big garden, do you think you could make enough money to live by selling everything you grow? Why or why not?

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