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English Conversation Topic 45
Talking about gambling in English

Conversation Starters
Use the questions below to start conversations about gambling in English. Try to ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.
1. Do you like to gamble sometimes?

2. Why do you think some people like to gamble?

3. Is gambling legal or illegal where you live?

4. What are some places in the world where people can legally gamble?

5. What are the most common forms of gambling?

6. Have you ever bet on a horse race?

7. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?

Discussion Questions
Here are some more challenging questions that can lead to longer conversations and more English practice for you.
1. Some people gamble too much they are addicted to gambling and lose a lot of money. Why do you think they can't stop?

2. Who suffers the most from a gambling addiction, the gambler or his or her family?

3. Do you think people who run casinos (places for gambling) are criminals? Why or why not?

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