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English Conversation Topic 40
Talking about fears in English

Conversation Starters
There are many scary things in our world, but you don't have to be afraid to talk about fears. In fact, by talking about fears in English, you might help to reduce some of your fears! Get started here with these questions.
1. What things are many people afraid of?

2. What are you most afraid of?

3. What were you afraid of as a child?

4. Which of the following things are you afraid of insects, the dark, death, being embarrassed, your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife saying good-bye, losing your job, getting sick, experiencing a disaster, or having your English teacher get angry at you?

5. Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. Why?

Discussion Questions
Here are some more "open-ended" questions to help you have deeper, more interesting English conversations. Try to keep your conversation going for as long as possible. Good luck!
1. What is the most frightening (scary) experience you have ever had?

2. Have you ever overcome a big fear? How did you do it? If you haven't, how might someone overcome a big fear?

3. Surveys have shown that more people are afraid of speaking in public than they are afraid of death. Do you believe that? Why or why not?

4. Horror movies try to scare people. Why do people enjoy such movies?

5. Are there any parts of the city where you live which you are afraid to visit after dark? Why?

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