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English Conversation Topic 38
Talking about fascinating facts, Part 2

Here are more interesting facts for you and your partner to talk about in English. As in part 1, there is a follow-up question for each one, but do NOT ask the follow-up until AFTER your partner has tried to guess the answer to the first question!
1. Who blinks more, men and women, and by how much? (Answer: Women blink almost twice as much as men. Follow-up question: Why do you think men blink less? Try to think of several possibilities.)

2. What is the only food that does not spoil? (Answer: Honey, which was found in the tombs of Egyptian pharoahs [kings] and was found to be edible [able to be eaten]. Follow-up question: What foods spoil very quickly? How can you prevent foods from spoiling?)

3. What color would Coca-Cola be if coloring weren’t added to it? (Answer: green. Follow-up question: Why do you think the makers of Coca Cola added coloring?)

4. How many English words could you write with an average lead pencil? (Answer: 50,000 English words. Follow-up question: Why do we spend money for pens when pencils can serve us for such a long time?)

5. Which food are more people are allergic to [it makes people sick] than any other food? (Answer: milk [from a cow]. Follow-up question: Do you think milk is healthy, or does it have too much fat and other bad things?)

6. What do camels (big animals with humped backs that live in the desert) have to protect themselves from blowing sand? (Answer: three eyelids. Follow-up question: Why do camels have three eyelids but not other animals?)

7. You're born with 300 bones in your body. By the time you become an adult, how many do you have? (Answer: 206. Follow-up question: What do you think happens to the other 94 bones? I have no idea, but try to guess!)

8. What is the longest recorded flight of a chicken? (Answer: 13 seconds. Follow-up: Do you think this "flying chicken" was actually flying or was it maybe thrown into the air by somebody?)

9. Which bird as an eye that is bigger than its brain? (Answer: the ostrich [a big, round bird with a long neck and long legs]. Follow-up question: Do you think the big eye is useful, or are ostriches just very stupid?)

10. What are the only birds who can see the color blue? (Answer: owls. Follow-up question: Do you think it's useful for owls to see blue? Why or why not?)

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