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English Conversation Topic 37
Talking about fascinating facts in English

Here are some interesting facts for you and your partner to talk about in English. There is a follow-up question for each one, but do NOT ask the follow-up until AFTER your partner has tried to guess the answer to the first question!
1. Which of your body parts contains 25% of all of your bones? (Answer: "your feet". Follow-up question: Why do you think your feet need so many bones?)

2. Which 5-letter English word is pronounced the same when the last four letters are removed? (Answer: "queue". Follow-up question: Can you use this word in a sentence? How do people in North American say "queue up"?)

3. Which living creature can live for several weeks after its head is cut off? (Answer: "a cockroach". Follow-up question: Why do you think cockroaches can do this? Why can't humans do this?)

4. Which English word has the most definitions? (Answer: "set". Follow-up question: What are some two-word expressions using "set" that you know?)

5. What is the only mammal that cannot jump? (Answer: "elephants". Follow-up question: Could you imagine the forest if elephants COULD jump? Wow!)

6. Which English word is the longest to have all of the letters in alphabetical order? (Answer: "almost". Follow-up question: Did you expect a longer word?)

7. There is a famous capital city whose name is used for at least one other city in every continent on Earth. Which city is it? (Answer: "Rome". Follow-up question. Why do you think Rome is such a popular name?)

8. If we don't count "y" as a vowel, what is the longest English word without a vowel? (Answer: "rhythm". Follow-up question: What other words do you know that only contain "y" but no other vowels?)

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