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English Conversation Topic 36
Talking about families in English

Conversation Starters
Talk about all kinds of family issues using these English conversation starters. If you think of any other questions, don't hesitate to ask those, too. The main thing is to practice speaking English, so go to it!
1. Do you have a large family or a small family?

2. Do you have a big "extended family" (including aunts, uncles and cousins)?

3. Do you resemble (look like) one of your parents or grandparents?

4. What do your parents do?

5. How many children does the average family have in your country?

6. How well do you get along with your brothers and sisters?

7. Does your family ever push you to do things or act in a certain way?

8. Who makes the big decisions in your family?

9. What are some rules you have in your family?

10. What are some activities that your family does together?

Discussion Questions
Now talk about more serious questions about families. As always, be sure to ask follow-up questions as the conversation moves forward. If you don't have a conversation partner, think about how you might answer using complete sentences.
1. Where do you think the best place to raise a family is? Why?

2. Are the roles of men and women in the family changing? How?

3. What are some common problems that families have? How can these problems be solved?

4. In very serious cases, would you consider going to a family counselor for help?

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