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English Conversation Topic 35
Talking about the environment in English

Conversation Starters
The environment everything around us is very important. It is our home, after all! If we don't take care of it, nobody will take care of it. Using the questions below, you can start many English conversations will all kinds of people.
1. Do you ever worry about the environment?

2. Have you read or heard any news stories recently about the environment?

3. What are the biggest environmental problems in your country?

4. What are the biggest environmental problems in the world?

5. Is there a problem with clean water in your country? If so, why is there a problem?

6. Is there a problem with clean air in your country? If so, what are the reasons for that?

Discussion Questions
You can now try to think of some ways to help the environment! Use the questions below to start English conversations on the topic of how to help our environment.
1. What can governments do to save our environment?

2. What can individuals do to help the environment?

3. If you were the new Minister of the Environment in your country's government, what would be your first decision?

4. Imagine it's 60 years in the future. What will young people be saying about how we treated the environment?

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