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English Conversation Topic 33
Talking about education in English

Conversation Starters
Education is one of my favorite topics because I'm a teacher! I hope you can have many interesting and useful English conversations starting with the questions below. If you don't have a partner, think about how you would answer these questions using complete sentences.
1. At what age do children start to go to school in your country?

2. Is education mandatory (children MUST go to school) in your country? If so, until what age?

3. Are most schools coeducational (boys and girls study together) in your country?

4. What did you like to study most in your school days? Why?

5. Did you have to do a lot of homework when you were a student?

6. What makes a "good student"?

7. What makes a "good teacher"?

8. Do you think your education was helpful to you? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions
Now have deeper discussion using the questions below. Maybe you can even solve some of the world's education problems. Good luck!
1. How do you think education could be improved in your country?

2. Do you think education should be free? Why or why not?

3. In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of education?

4. Why do some children have trouble doing schoolwork? How can we help them?

5. Do you think teachers get paid enough? How much should they be paid?

6. Do you think language education could be improved? If no, why not? If yes, how could it be improved?

7. Which do you think is more valuable, the experience we get on the job or in society or the theoretical knowledge we learn in schools?

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