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English Conversation Topic 32
Talking about economics in English

Conversation Starters
Everyone loves money (well, most people do) but not everyone likes to talk about money. In this topic, you can practice talking about the study of money, economics, in English. Start with these questions.
1. Do you think economics is a good subject to study?

2. Do you like money? Do you like studying about money?

3. How important is economics in our daily lives?

4. How often do you read about economics in newspapers or magazines?

5. What do you think of the world economy?

Discussion Questions
If you're interested, you can try more advanced English conversation on the topic of economics, using the questions below to get started.
1. What are the biggest economic problems in your country? How might those problems be solved?

2. What are the biggest economic problems in the world? What are some possible solutions?

3. How is economics different in socialist and capitalist countries?

4. Do you believe economic growth can continue indefinitely, without stopping? Why or why not?

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