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English Conversation Topic 28
Talking about dreams in English

Conversation Starters
The topic of dreams can lead to some fascinating English conversations! As usual, start with the questions below.
1. Do you usually remember your dreams? Describe one or two.

2. What was the best dream you have ever had?

3. What was the worst dream you have ever had?

4. Do you have any dream that is recurring? (That comes back often.) What might it mean?

5. Do you usually dream in color or only in black and white?

6. Have you ever dreamt in English? What were you dreaming about?

Discussion Questions
Now come the tougher discussion questions about dreams and dreaming! Take your time in answering and you will have great English conversations!
1. Do you think dreams have very special, hidden meanings, or are they just random memories?

2. Do you believe dreams can help us predict the future? Why or why not?

3. In your opinion, is it possible to control our dreams? Can we decide in advance what we will dream about?

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