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English Conversation Topic 27
Talking about divorce in English

Conversation Starters
Here's another serious conversation topic. You can get a lot of speaking practice by asking good follow-up questions, so don't worry if you don't answer all of these questions!
1. Do you know anyone who has gotten divorced?

2. Is divorce increasing in your country?

3. Why do you think there is more divorce in some countries than in others?

4. What are the main causes of divorce, in your opinion?

5. Do you think unhappy couples who are parents should stay together "for the children"?

6. What do you think the effect of divorce is on children?

7. Would you date someone who has already been married and divorced?

Discussion Questions
Now come the tougher discussion questions! Take your time in answering and you will have great English conversations!
1. What can married couples do to try to avoid a divorce?

2. Do you think marriage counseling can help unhappy couples stay together? Why or why not?

3. Would you ever consider getting a divorce or would you stay married "til death do you part"?

4. How should a couple's belongings be divided after a divorce? Should it be 50-50, or should the wife get more?

5. Do you think divorce would be less common if couples lived together before marriage?

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