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English Conversation Topic 26
Talking about dieting in English

Conversation Starters
In today's world, with so much fast food available, many people's diets have become very unhealthy. (In English, "diet" can be used in two ways. First, "people's diets" can refer to the typical things that people eat every day. Second, to go "on a diet" is concerned with a specific purpose, most often losing weight. Both meanings of diet are used in these questions so read carefully!)
1. What is the usual diet in your country? Do people eat a lot of meat? Do they like sweet foods?

2. Have you ever been "on a diet"?

3. What are some reasons for going on a diet?

4. Do you think being on a diet can be dangerous?

5. Have you heard of any strange diets? What were they?

Discussion Questions
Now have deeper conversations using the open-ended questions below. Listen carefully to your conversation partner's answers, then ask appropriate follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.
1. What do you think is a well-balanced diet? (What is included in a balanced diet?)

2. Many people lose weight on a diet very quickly, but then gain all of the weight back after the "go off" of the diet. Why do you think this happens?

3. How important is protein in a balanced diet? Why?

4. What kind of diet could you recommend to a person over 40? How would it be different from a diet for younger people?

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