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English Conversation Topic 21
Talking about computers in English

Conversation Starters
Computers are becoming more and more common at work and at home. Use the questions below to talk about computers in English.
1. Do you have your own computer or do you only use the computer at work or school?

2. Can you remember the first time you used a computer?

3. How often do you use the Internet?

4. What kind of websites do you visit most often?

5. Do you ever do "live chat", either with text of voice?

6. Would you rather use a desktop computer or a laptop?

7. What software do you use most often?

8. Which of these activities do you most often do with your computer listen to music, watch videos, play games, chat with friends, read the news, send email, or edit photos?

Discussion Questions
Use the questions below to have longer English conversations on the topic of computers. Try to keep the conversation going!
1. Do you consider yourself to be "computer literate"?

2. Do your parents or grandparents use computers?

3. What do you think computers will be used for in the future?

4. Do you think computers will ever "take over" the world?

5. Do you have your own web page or blog? If yes, describe it. If no, would you like one in the future?

6. What are some good and bad things about using a computer every day?

7. Does having a computer help make your life easier or does it make your life more complicated? Explain.

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