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English Conversation Topic 15
Talking about charities in English

Conversation Starters
Poor people sometimes need help. One way to offer our help is through groups or organizations. Using the English questions below, start an English discussion about ways to help poor people through charitable groups.
1. Do you know any famous charities (groups that help other, less fortunate people)?

2. Have you ever given money to a charity such as the Red Cross, the World Wildlife Fund, or Green Peace?

3. Do you know any other registered charities?

4. What problems do such charities deal with?

5. Is there a "homeless shelter" (a place for homeless people to sleep and get food) in your hometown?

Discussion Questions
Use the English questions below to discuss the bigger issue of giving money to beggars.
1. Do you give money to beggars or homeless people? Why or why not?

2. If you give money to beggars or homeless people, about how much do you give?

3. How do you know if a beggar is a real beggar?

4. Do you think it's acceptable for children to work late at night selling flowers and singing?

5. Who should pay to help the poor, individuals or government organizations?

6. Some people think charity encourages some people to be lazy. Do you agree or disagree?

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