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English Conversation Topic 14
Talking about celebrities in English

Conversation Starters
Celebrities seem to lead a "charmed" life. They are rich, famous and so popular. Discuss celebrities in English, starting with the questions below.
1. Have you ever seen or met a famous person? What did you do or say?

2. Who are some of the most famous people in the world right now?

3. Are there any famous people you would like to meet? Who?

4. What are the advantages (good points) and disadvantages (bad points) of being a celebrity?

5. Do you think people who are rich and famous are better than the average person?

Discussion Questions
Discuss your opinions about celebrities using the questions below or think of your own English questions.
1. If you could spend one whole day with a famous person, who would you spend the day with?

2. Do you think famous people are happy? Explain your answer.

3. Would you be happier or more unhappy if you were famous?

4. How would your life change if you suddenly became famous?

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