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English Conversation Topic 10
Talking about basketball in English

Conversation Starters
The quality of international basketball has improved dramatically in recent years with professional players from around the world going to North America to compete. Use the questions below to start conversations about basketball in English.
1. Are you interested in basketball?

2. Why do you think basketball is popular in the world?

3. Do you have a favorite basketball player?

4. Have you ever played basketball? Did you enjoy it?

5. What does NBA stand for? (What does each letter mean?)

Discussion Questions
You can have deeper conversations about basketball with these questions. If you don't know much about basketball, then talk about its popularity.
1. Can short people be good basketball players? Why or why not?

2. Do you think we should make a basketball league for short people only?

3. Are there any basketball players from your country in the NBA?

4. What skills are needed to play basketball well?

5. What are some strategies teams use to be more successful?

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