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English Conversation Topic 9
Talking about Australia in English

Conversation Starters
Australia, the biggest island in the world, is a fascinating country. Share your knowledge of Australia with your friends by using the English questions below to start conversations.
1. What is Australia most famous for?

2. Do you think kangaroos and koalas are cute?

3. Why is Australia called the land ‘down under’?

4. What do you know about Australian culture?

5. Do you know which sports are most popular in Australia?

Discussion Questions
You can have deeper conversations about Australia with these questions. If you don't know much about Australia, then talk about what you imagine.
1. Do you think you would you like living in Australia?

2. What do you know about Australian geography?

3. Can you describe any Australians you have met? If you have never met an Australian, what are your impressions from TV, news or movies?

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