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English Conversation Topic 7
Talking about arguments in English

Conversation Starters
Arguing in any language can be necessary but it can also be unpleasant. Discuss various aspects of arguing in English, using the questions below to get started.
1. Do you enjoy arguing?

2. What kind of people enjoy arguing?

3. What kind of people hate arguing?

4. Do you get along with people who are argumentative? (people who argue a lot)

5. Are you good at persuading other people?

6. Are you easily persuaded by other people?

7. Have you ever participated in a debate at school? If so, describe your experience.

Discussion Questions
Use the questions below to have deeper conversations about arguing in English.
1. What are some controversial topics that people like to argue about. Why do people argue about these topics?

2. What suggestions can you give to help people win an argument?

3. What suggestions can you give to someone who wants to avoid an argument?

4. How can we cool someone off if they are arguing too violently?

5. What are some good strategies to use in a formal debate?

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