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English Conversation Topic 2
Talking about advertising

Conversation Starters
Choose some questions below that interest you and ask your friends. If you are studying by yourself, think about how you would answer these questions, using full sentences as much as possible.
1. Why are there so many advertisements on TV, radio, in magazines, etc.?

2. Do you ever enjoy watching advertisements on TV? (If yes, what do you enjoy about them?)

3. What kinds of advertisements attract your attention?

4. What is the most memorable advertisment you have ever seen?

5. What is one funny advertisement you have seen? (Describe it.)

6. What products in your country use very serious TV advertisements?

7. What products in your country use funny TV advertisements?

8. Which celebrities have you seen in advertisements?

9. Do any advertisements in your country try to shock viewers?

10. How are radio ads, magazine ads and TV ads different from each other?

Discussion Questions
Ask these questions to your friends and be ready to continue the conversation by asking follow up questions.
1. What makes an advertisement effective?

2. Have you ever bought a product because of advertising? (If so, why?)

3. What do you think of ads that are aimed at children?

4. Can famous celebrities in ads make people want to buy a product?

5. Do you think beer and cigarette companies should be allowed to advertise? Why or why not?

6. Why do some companies use celebrities in their ads?

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