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Vocabulary Sequence 4
Learn how to look for a job in English

Learn English vocabulary, especially verbs by studying this list of sentences on the topic of how to look for a job. You do NOT have to memorize the sentences, just imagine you are performing the actions and you will learn automatically!
1. Search for jobs on the Internet or in a newspaper.

2. Think about what you can do well. (What are your skills?)

3. Make a list of all of your skills.

4. Find some jobs you like that suit your skills.

5. Make a list of questions to ask the company, then call them on the telephone.

6. If you really like the job, send an application to the company.

7. You should send a resume which lists your education and work experience.

8. You should also include a cover letter to introduce yourself and why you want the job.

9. Good luck!

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