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Vocabulary Sequence 3
Learn how to play basketball in English

Learn English vocabulary, especially verbs by studying this list of sentences on the topic of how to play basketball. You do NOT have to memorize the sentences, just imagine you are performing the actions and you will learn automatically!
1. Dribble the ball (bounce it) down the court .

2. Sometimes dribble with the left hand, sometimes with your right hand.

3. You can dribble all the way to the basket for an easy layup.

4. Or you can stop and shoot a jump shot.

5. If you shoot from outside the three point line, you can score three points .

6. If a player from the other team hits you while you shoot , you can go to the foul line .

7. Shoot two free throws!

8. Free throws are one point each.

9. If somebody misses a shot , you can grab the rebound .

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