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Learn Vocabulary with Total Physical Response (TPR)

  • What is TPR? TPR (Total Physical Response) is one of the best ways to learn a language. By physically moving your body according to the English you hear, you will remember totally! TPR has been successfully used to teach listening and vocabulary many, many years.

  • Why is TPR useful? By doing actions (or even pretending to do actions) as you learn language, your body movements help you remember the words. The logical sequences (the order of the actions) also helps you remember. This kind of practice is fun and interesting but the best thing is that you will really learn how to use language correctly!

  • How can I practice TPR at home?
    - First, read the sequences on the right OUT LOUD (with a loud voice)
    - Second, move your body at the same time.
    - Third, try to remember every step.
    - Fourth, try to repeat again without looking at the words.
    If you want to listen to a lesson, you can send a request to Teacher Joe at teacherjoe.us AT gmail DOT com!
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