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Learn English vocabulary quickly and easily by reading and listening to these English jokes. You can laugh and learn at the same time!

A Talking Frog
Learn to speak with
this story about nature.

The Last Ticket
Learn English about travelling.

A Business Loan
Learn business English

A Big Decision
A joke about a family issue

100 Penguins
Learn English vocabulary with this joke

Supermarket Encounter
Read about special meeting...

Do you deserve it?
Learn a joke about a fight

Return my horse!
Learn a joke with a surprise ending

A Wife's Duty
A funny joke...

A Good Teacher
Learn vocabulary from
this joke.

Chemistry Class
Learn scientific English

Improve Your Memory!
A funny story

Just One Copy
Learn a joke about business

Heavenly Golf
Learn some funny, crazy English

The Butcher and the Lawyer
Learn more business English

Gray Hairs
Learn a joke about a child

Three Rooms in Hell
A joke about making a choice

A Science Lecture
Learn English about a speech

Kung Fu Kitty!

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