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Follow these three easy tips and
you will soon be having great English conversations

English Conversation Tip 1: Start with simple "yes or no" type questions until you find something that is interesting to both you and your conversation partner. Then continue the conversation using "open-ended" questions that encourage your partner to talk more.

English Conversation Tip 2: Listen carefully to your partner so that you can ask good "follow-up" questions. Example: You ask your partner if she likes movies and she says that she loves comedies. You can follow up by asking why she likes comedies, or ask which comedies she has really enjoyed the most.

English Conversation Tip 3: When answering questions, don't always give the simplest answers. Try to say more. Even if your answer is "no", think of a related topic to which you can answer "yes". For example, if someone asks you, "Do you like to travel?", you can answer that you don't like it very much, then briefly explain why, then talk about what you prefer to do instead of travelling.

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