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University Life Abroad

Three key points to work at:

1. How to Get along with other students
  • Don't spend all of your time with a group of students from your
    own country. They may you some good information, but they
    will also prevent you from trying new things and meeting local people.
  • Find one good friend from your country who also wants to learn
    English well. You can help each other find ways to paricipate in
    the local community.
  • When you meet Americans, do not assume immediately that they will
    be your best friends. Be patient, do not push in a new relationship.
  • Be careful of American "friends" who try to get you to drink too
    much or maybe even try drugs. These people are NOT your friends!

  • 2. Participating in local life
  • Join clubs! You can play a sport, enjoy music, art or theater,
    or join in any other activity you like. You're sure to meet lots
    of American students at the same time.
  • Learn about what is going on at the university and in the local
    community. Read the university newspaper and watch the local TV news.

  • 3. Classes and Professors' expectations
  • Professors expect you to participate in class. Think deeply about
    the class material and ask thoughtful questions. Don't be shy!
  • Always be prepared and punctual (on time).
  • Take personal responsibility for your success. The professor will
    help you as much as he or she can, but your final success will depend
    on YOU.

  • Joe with some of his Super Students
    at the top of Xiang Shan, west of Beijing

    Super Students from
    Jing Shan School in Beijing

    "Professor" Joe

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