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"Only through focus can you do world-class things, no matter how capable you are." - Bill Gates
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Who is Teacher Joe?

Teacher Joe's Three Steps to Success

Step 1: Input - Listen and read!

The more you listen, the better your speaking will be. The more you read, the more vocabulary you will have. Listen to songs, DVDs, or Joe's Jokes. Read newspapers and magazines on the Internet. Let the world be your teacher.

Step 2: Processing - Think!

Don't just listen and read passively. THINK about the meaning - the deeper meaning of words and expressions. Make an IMAGE in your brain. Think about how you can use the words and sentences in the future.

Step 3: Output - Respond!

Respond by speaking our writing. You can talk to your friends or even talk to yourself! Write an email to a friend, or keep a diary every day. Or you can practice "rapid response" by playing one of Joe's Games.

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