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Advanced Total Physical Response

After your students can easily follow you during basic TPR, you can start to use more complex sequences of verbs or processes. You can build a complete lesson around the verbs needed to play a sport, perform a job function, prepare food, or do any everyday activity. Here are two activities Teacher Joe has used with his students. The first is fairly easy while the second is more challenging.

Example 1 - Making a Sandwich

- slice some bread

- spread butter on both slices

- spread the butter to all corners of the bread
(Teacher Joe doesn't like dry bread!)

- put a piece of meat on one slice of bread

- put lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on top of the meat

- place the second slice of bread on top
and close the sandwich

- cut the sandwich in half
(Teacher Joe prefers to cut diagonally - it's more artistic!)

- take a bite - Mmmmmm!

Example 2 - Going Hiking
- choose a good mountain
(one that is not too difficult to climb!)

- go to the base of the mountain

- wait for all of your friends to arrive
(look at your watch)

- start to hike, very energetically

- take a short rest

- have a sip of water
(or have a drink of water)

- start hiking again, a little less energetically

- take another rest, eat a sandwich

- start hiking again, feeling tired

- stumble the last few steps

- arrive at the top and jump for joy! Yippee!

- fall down the hill and roll all the way back to the bottom - Oh NO!!

Remember, it's easy to do this with any process or activity. Whatever you want to teach, turn it into a TPR lesson and see how students both enjoy AND remember!