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Who is Teacher Joe?
Who is Teacher Joe?
(Written by Student Number 34)

There are many rumors concerning our teacher. Some people say he's from New York City (not true, he's just from New York State), some say he's from Canada (also not true, his hometown, Rochester, is NEAR Canada). We believe he studied Linguistics, and can speak some French, Japanese and Spanish. One reason he is such a good teacher is because he has tried so hard to learn languages himself. He knows how difficult it is, and he knows what students must do to succeed.

Very little is known about his very secret personal life. Although it is said that he has three wives, one in France, one in the U.S., and one in Japan, nobody has ever actually met any of these wives! When asked if he has any children, Joe usually answers, "No. At least I don't THINK so." Joe's age is also not known, but he is almost certainly between the ages of 18 and 68.

The biggest rumor about Joe is that he used to live in England, where he starred in a TV program called Mr. Tomato, or Mr. Cucumber, or Mr. Bean, or something like that. We find that terribly hard to believe, although he has a funny enough face. Maybe his odd face would make English people laugh, who knows?

What we do know for certain is that Joe loves to eat pizza and ice cream, though rarely together. He loves blues music (especially B.B.King, Bobby Bland, and Robert Cray) and slow, silly love songs. He tries so hard to play sports, but is really quite inept. (Don't tell him I said this. He doesn't agree with me!)

Of course, we all know that Joe, in spite of his strangeness, is a truly Super Teacher. Now, it's up to us to become Super STUDENTS!

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