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Lesson 18 - The Art of Persuasive Speaking

To be persuasive, you must keep your audience in mind at all times. In the end, the audience wants to know "What do I get from this?". You have to adapt to your audience which may be:
    a) agreeable b) apathethic (they don't care)
    c) hostile (angry)
    d) uninformed (they don't know about your topic)
    e) mixed

Here are some basic tips for better persuasive speaking:

Persuasion Tip 1: For best effect, combine logic with emotion. This will appeal to both types of listeners.

Persuasion Tip 2: As you speak, be sure to consider the opposite point of view. If not, your audience may think you are unfair.

Persuasion Tip 3: A bit about "how": refute your opponent's arguments starting with the strongest. Save the opponent's weakest argument for last, because that is what the audience is most likely to remember!

For more experienced speakers, try to apply the "motivational sequence from Dr. Alan H. Monroe, as used in Toastmasters clubs around the world:

    Step 1. Get the audience's attention.
    Step 2. Show a need - why is this important (for them!).
    Step 3. Show satisfaction - show how to solve the problem, be sure to provide evidence.
    Step 4. Help them visualize the solution and what will happen in case of failure.
    Step 5. Ask for some type of action.
We must still use what we have learned in past lessons. If you do not Organize your speech well and use your voice well, you will not have much success in persuading your audience. So, go back and review previous lessons until you have mastered them. Then when you apply what you have learned in this lesson, you will do a great job!

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