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Lesson 13 - Easily Connect with Your Audience

In Lesson 12 we learned about the Power of Pause which helps speakers make a strong impact on their audience. This lesson builds on that skill. If you want to really connect with your audience, don't just pause at key points in your speech, but speak slower during the entire speech.

There are several negative effects of speaking too fast:

- The audience has no time to absorb your ideas.
- The audience might think you are nervous and doubt the truthfulness of your message.
- The audience might remember your energy but not your message.
- You will have less time to remember what you want to say next. If you get stuck for any reason, you may need that extra time!
- You will lose the chance to adapt your message to your audience, which is what the most effective speakers do.
Beginning speakers sometimes think that speaking slowly seems weak. However, it may be the most powerful technique that you can easily use to make your public speaking stronger. If you speak more slowly you will...
... be more clear, more understandable.
... be more memorable.
... be able to easily emphasize your most important points
To make this work well, remember Lesson 3 on how to use your time well By practicing with a timer, you will be sure to give yourself enough time. Then, when you use your time well and speak slowly, you will have a much better chance to put into practice what we learned in Lesson 8 and you will be on your way to becoming an advanced public speaker.

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