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Since, Until and For to Show Continuation

Step 1:

Learn Key Sentences

a) She has been here since 2 o'clock.

b) We will be here until 4 o'clock.

c) They have been here for two and a half hours.

d) They will stay for one more hour.

Step 2:

Learn How
to Use

Use since with have been plus a time or a day.

Use until with the future tense (usually) - will or be going to - plus a time or a day.

Use for with have been or the future tense plus how long (how much time).

Step 3:

Learn Sample Conversations

Conversation using Since
A: How long have you lived here, Mary?
B: I've lived here since June 1st.

Conversation using For
A: Hi Bob, sorry to keep you waiting
B: That's okay, Alice, I have only been here for a few minutes.

Conversation using Until or For
A: So, you will stay until next Sunday, is that right?
B: Yes, we will be here for just ten days.

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