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How to Use Hope and Wish

Step 1:

Learn Key Sentences

a) I hope I can learn English well. [This is possible!]

b) I hope we will go home early today. [This is possible, too.]

c) I wish I could speak German, Russian and Japanese. [This is not possible, at least for me!]

d) She wishes she had a better job. [But she does not, at least not now.]

Step 2:

Learn How
to Use

Use hope when you want something and you think it is really possible. Hope goes together with helping verbs such as will or can or to be.

Use wish when you want something but you do not think it is possible. Wish goes with helping verbs such as would, could or past tense forms of other verbs.

Step 3:

Learn Sample Conversations

Conversation using Hope
A: I hope it will snow tomorrow. Then we can go skiing.
B: The weather report says it might rain, not snow.
A: Well, I hope the weather report is wrong!

Conversation using Wish (One day later...)
A: Too bad it's raining today.
B: I wish I had a snow machine.
A: If you had a snow machine, you could make a lot of money.

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